Install VANTAGE6

This guide will show you how to install the VANTAGE6 package. This step is required for using both the node and server.

Installing Vantage has a few requirements, the most important one is python \geq 3.5. Older version of python will not work due to the use of f-strings.

The current stable release of Debian (Debian 9, stretch) only sports Python 3.5 out of the box. It is therefore recommended to use Ubuntu 18 or Debian testing (Debian 10, buster) to avoid having to install backports.

The latest release can be found in the pypi repository. So VANTAGE6 (formely ppdli) can be installed by running:

pip install ppdli

The pypi-repository will be updated soon to promote the new name for the project

An alternative way of installing is to clone our repository and install it from there. This allows to use a specific branch and allows you to make changes to the source code.

git clone
cd ppDLI
git checkout DEV # optional
pip install -e .

pip install the commands in the folder ~/.local/binwhich is not part of the PATH. You can use~/.local/bin/vserver or you can add ~/.local/bin/ to your PATH