Install VANTAGE6

This guide will show you how to install the VANTAGE6 package. This step is required for using both the (python-)client, node and server.

🐍 Python

We recommend using the latest version of Python 3. VANTAGE6 supports Python 3.5 or newer. Older versions of python will not work due to the use of f-strings.

For more details on how to install Python, please read this section.

🤓 Install

The latest release can be found in the pypi repository. VANTAGE6 can be installed by executing the following command in your python environment:

pip install vantage

The pypi-repository will be updated soon to promote the new name for the project

🖥 Install Development version

An alternative way of installing VANTAGE6 is to clone our GitHub repository and install it from there. This enables the user to use chose the specific branch in order to make some adjustments to the source code.

git clone
cd ppDLI
git checkout DEV # optional
pip install -e .

pip install the in the folder ~/.local/binwhich is not part of the PATH. You can use~/.local/bin/vserver or you can add ~/.local/bin/ to your

Install Node without Python

Only use this if you know what your are doing.

Since the Node runs in a Docker container it is possible to run a node without installing Python. See this page on how to do this.